Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do You Need Democracy....?

  Strikes, Riots, Trial, Disorder, Protests, Yelling, Shelling, Abuse,  Demonstrations, usage of tear gas and rubber bullets etc..... what comes in your mind .... absolutely ...Democracy..

Seriously, i don't know why people are so obsessed with Democracy ....and at same point they even don't know one good side of Democracy....expect "we need democracy"...ugh ...OMG...

 Perhaps they've some kind of mythology about that after fulfilling their democratic they'll get money on trees or may be world becomes piece of heavens. Don't get angry, tell me How world's biggest Democracies are going on ..... like India, Russia, Italy,  and even (USA, France, and Japan)... Are people Satisfied with their Government..? IMHO... A person never "satisfy" him/herself.

  so what's going on in their in Arabian Peninsula, Northern African Countries and Mongolia. ..

(to be conntinued)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Believe me or not....

really some times you even don't know what you're up to....but your heart says ."hey listen me you have to do that" so you do all that stuff with out concern of reaction for your action

 umm.... have you got that feel that somebody is following you....? yeah like a shadow...?
(don't scare .... i don't mean that ... ) i wanna say about your own inner-self ....may be you know'em. sometime you got ....anyhow perhaps i'm boring you ...folks.

  sorry ...seriously i've lots of thought to write but i don't how do you people ..., think about that....
hmm sorry ....i don't have any words to write .....sorry

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

CES 2011 Vegas - what's cooking inside....?

 TV, Radio, Papers and Internet is buzzing out these days with sizzling news of CES Vegas.... do you actually know what's cooking inside....?

 International Consumer Electronics Show is a major Trade fair. which annually held in january at  Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV, United States. and it is not open to public event so only chief geeks are allowed there.

 Anyhow this year (i mean next year in 2011) it'll open on 6th to 9th of January. Where different electronics manufactures from all over the globe show there new gadgets'n'gizmos.

  Yet we only've rumors ..(any how rumors are not quite good things...!)  so here is a rumor-istic  preview of CES Vegas 2011.

 Phones and 
Smart Phones

 really i don't have enough Phone rumors but anyhow...:
  • HTC is just ready to unveil their new batch of 4G enable smart phones.

  •  Google announced that Honey comb is  just ready to join it's android family


Tablets Tablets and Tablets everywhere ...really a geek is incomplete these days without a tablet. and i'm also a big fan of them. but one question still remains here ....why i need a tablet?
i mean where that will help me PC. or Cellphone or Microwave....?.....anyhow till i've only one use of'em......."angry birds"

 More demand from as result more products then ever before....
  • Motorola is going so further ...... but please don't disguise others


  •  new ipad is also expected with front view camera , anti glare screen and and more powerful processor 

  • .Taiwan based brand MSI is showing off  new model of their Intel Atom-powered Windows 7 tablet which've huge expectations in Asian Market.

  • HP is Coming with Three WebOS Tablets
  • Microsoft is also unveiling their new Tablet PC with fiction-based Windows 8 OS.

& Home media
  LG is coming with another 3D TV but it is not just another TV.....Because they're coming out with world's largest LED-Backlit 3D TV, with LZ9700 that mean's both 2D and 3D.

for more details, reviews and videos check out CNet's website here

Tuesday, December 21, 2010