Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Do You Need Democracy....?

  Strikes, Riots, Trial, Disorder, Protests, Yelling, Shelling, Abuse,  Demonstrations, usage of tear gas and rubber bullets etc..... what comes in your mind .... absolutely ...Democracy..

Seriously, i don't know why people are so obsessed with Democracy ....and at same point they even don't know one good side of Democracy....expect "we need democracy"...ugh ...OMG...

 Perhaps they've some kind of mythology about that after fulfilling their democratic they'll get money on trees or may be world becomes piece of heavens. Don't get angry, tell me How world's biggest Democracies are going on ..... like India, Russia, Italy,  and even (USA, France, and Japan)... Are people Satisfied with their Government..? IMHO... A person never "satisfy" him/herself.

  so what's going on in their in Arabian Peninsula, Northern African Countries and Mongolia. ..

(to be conntinued)

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